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Buying a barcode from us is easy! Simply purchase your barcodes on our site and they will be emailed through to you the same day. Next, add the barcode image to your product’s packaging and you’re away!

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How to use your barcode

What kind of barcode do I need?

There are two main retail barcode formats. EANs (European Article Numbers) are used in Malta and internationally, while UPCs (Universal Product Codes) are the most commonly used barcodes in the United States and Canada. Most retailers will accept both EAN and UPC codes, however if you are planning on selling your products in the United States or Canada, a UPC code might be the best choice for you.

EAN-13 Barcode
EAN Barcode
UPC-A barcode
UPC Barcode

EAN barcodes can be created by prefixing a 12 digit UPC number with a 0 to create a 13 digit number, as shown above. The bars remain identical regardless of format.

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How many barcodes do I need?

Each product you sell requires its own unique barcode. So if you are selling shorts in 2 different colours, with 3 different sizes in each colour, you will need to purchase 6 barcodes – one for each size in each colour.

diagram to work out how many barcodes you need

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Ready to buy our barcodes? The more you buy, the cheaper they are! You own your barcodes for life, which means there are no ongoing fees.

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  • We provide verifiable barcode numbers which comply with international standards.
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  • Free barcode registration is included in our barcode packages.

Own your barcodes for life

  • A one-off payment with no ongoing fees.
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  • Established in 2007, we have provided verified barcodes to over 100,000 happy customers!
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  • On-going support is available for all of our customers.

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We are a member of the International Barcodes Network and our barcodes are being used in over 100 countries. We have over 15 years experience in the barcode industry and hence we can give expert advice on the use of barcodes. 

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