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  • EAN-13 – for products sold in Singapore and/or Internationally.
  • UPC-A – For products sold in the USA/Canada only.
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Retail Barcode FAQs

If your product is primarily sold in Malta or any country outside North America, you probably require EAN-13 format barcodes. If North America is your primary market, UPC barcodes may be more appropriate. Read our EAN or UPC page for more details.

We don’t require any product information or company details to sell you barcodes, except for the company name to appear on your Certificate of Ownership (or personal name if you are not buying through a company). Barcodes don’t encode product information, that is assigned by retailers in their Inwards Goods department and information such as price is stored in each retailer’s internal database.

It is best practice to get a different barcode for each product or product variation. This is because stores use barcodes for two primary purposes: 1. Barcodes are used for obtaining the price of the product when scanned at the checkout. 2. Barcodes are used for keeping track of stock and deciding when to reorder an item.

This means that if the retailers only use barcodes for option 1, you can get away with having the same barcode for 2 product variations (i.e. different colours of the same product), however if the retailer uses barcodes for option 2 as well, then a different barcode will be required for each product variation.

In general retailers prefer to stock products that will be straight forward to manage. Some retailers may prefer not to stock products if they have to manually count how many are left of each size and reorder accordingly. Therefore is is recommended that you have a different barcode for each variation.

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Once you receive your barcode, you will insert the digital image into your packaging design before printing (or get your graphic designer to do this for you). Make sure you follow our EAN dimension and positioning guidelines to ensure your barcode doesn’t have scanning issues. Read our How to Use Your Barcode Guide for more information.

Our barcodes are accepted in nearly all stores worldwide, however there are a few exceptions. For further details, please see our Barcode Acceptance page.

Yes they will. We can supply both EAN-13 Barcodes (which are used worldwide) and UPC-A Barcodes (USA and Canada). Read our Barcode Acceptance page which details the few retailers we know of who may have problems with our barcodes.

All barcode numbers are checked for illegal use prior to sale.

Don’t see your question answered here? Check out our FAQ page for more common questions.