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Malta Food Barcodes

Food products in Malta primarily use EAN-13 barcodes (which you can buy below). It is important that you buy a separate barcode number for each unique product- so if you have a packet of plain crackers and a packet of cheese flavoured crackers, you would need two barcodes. If you have those two flavours, and each flavour comes in either 200g or 400g packs, you would need 4 barcodes.

Once you buy barcodes from us they will be emailed to you automatically- we don’t need any product details from you such as price, description etc as this information is assigned by each retailer as they stock your product for the first time.


Our barcodes get cheaper the more you buy, so if you think you’ll have some more products coming out soon consider making a bulk purchase.

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Important Information

A common myth we are asked about is whether the barcode number is related to place of origin of the product. While barcodes do have country code prefixes, these prefixes are not related to the country where the product was made- all it shows is the country the barcode is issued in. All our barcode numbers start with 07 (American prefix), and this is the same for every legitimate barcode reseller (along with some 05, 06 and 08 numbers). Only GS1 Malta can provide numbers beginning with 535, which is their code for Malta. If you want to show your product is from Malta, simply print “Made in Malta” in an easily visible location.

Larger chains like supermarkets are very strict about barcode quality. Make sure you follow our Barcode Dimension and Positioning instructions carefully.

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Our customers buying barcodes for food products often also buy ITF-14 carton barcodes. These carton codes are mainly used by bigger retailers to track inwards goods, and you may be asked to supply your cartons with them. ITF codes are based off of the EAN-13 retail code of the product inside, and are not used at the checkout.